Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's Time for Christmas Cards...and a GIVEAWAY!

Every year around the middle of November I start feeling the pressure to put together that perfect Christmas card, complete with amazing family pictures and well written verse.  Each year I think I probably fail at perfection, but wind up with nothing less than high-quality cards thanks to the wonderful people at Shutterfly.  With their enormous selection of Christmas cards, it's impossible not to find one to suit your family's personality and style.  They use premium cardstock and I've never once had a problem with their ink running or smudging.  Plus their shipping is fast so you can turn around and mail them out right after Thanksgiving or Shutterfly even offers to send your cards out directly!

I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but I LOVE photography and taking pictures of my family is just an extension of who I am.  Shutterfly makes it super easy for me to treasure those memories by making holiday photo gifts, calendars and photobooks.  Each year they come out with new styles and layouts for their photobooks and I've found their quality to be very good and affordable.

Shutterfly's card selection includes folded cards, flat stationary cards as well as flat photo cards.  My favorite is usually the flat stationary cards, but I'm actually considering a folded card for our family this year.  Take a look at some of these great designs then head on over to find YOUR perfect card this year!

And now the giveaway...As a blogger and big fan of Shutterfly I'm excited to be giving away 2 sets of 25 FREE cards from Shutterfly.  Just post a comment below (on the blog, FB comments don't count) along with your name and your favorite holiday tradition and I'll be choosing the two lucky winners on Sunday November 20th.


  1. Hey Mindy!

    One of my favorite holiday traditions... is at the beginning of Dec. every year my family goes to Apple Hill to get our Christmas tree. It began with just us 5 kids, my parents, and my grandma, but there's now spouses and nephews and the family has definitely grown! But its always a fun time, picking out the right tree, and then stopping to get apple donuts and cider :) And afterwards we get to decorate the tree!

    Thanks, Mindy and thanks for all your work!! :D
    -Kellie Reali

  2. our favorite family tradition is bundling the kids up and walking the christmas tree lights. they just love it!

    sharabachman at gmail dot com


  3. You are a very talented photographer!! Miss you friend!

  4. Our favorite holiday tradition is going to "Wake Up Santa" at our mall...then we have hot chocolate and breakfast after the kids tell Santa their gift list!!!

  5. Mindy~ LOVE the giveaway idea. Nothing is better than Christmas card photos of families :) My favorite Christmas tradition starts on my birthday. Ever since I was a little girl we have gone to get our Christmas tree on my birthday and Logan and I have continued to do so. It is the perfect way to celebrate my birthday AND get the Christmas season started. Love ya friend.

  6. I love picking out the perfect matching Christmas pj's and a special new ornament for each kid. I give them these early in December on St. Nicholas Day so that they can enjoy these throughout the month.

    Each of our 3 children have thier own Little People Nativity set that they set up on their own. We enjoy playing with these and reenacting or Saviors birth over and over again.

  7. Yay! What a fun giveaway!! Woohoo Mindy!! Our favorite holiday tradition is assembling the Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes together. Each of the kids get to put together a box full of fun things for another child their same age in a different country. We help them understand that this gift could possibly be the only present their child will get for the whole year. We make it into a really fun family night and the kids get so excited about it. It helps them remember that it is just as fun, if not more, to give rather than to receive!



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